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Oh hello. I am Afifah Dana and I am 24. Yes! you are someone in front of my screen stalking me.
University Kuala Lumpur
Bach. of Engineering Technology in Networking System.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Certificate that makes my life beautiful.

Hi! Good Day!

All this while, I've been waiting for a miracle. A miracle that make my life better than before. A miracle that change my life. A miracle that  make my life beautiful.

In a three years being an Engineering student in computer and networking, I've been exposed with so much situations. A happiness, loves, competitions, moneys, maturity, mentality, forgiveness, sins, shopping lust. I don't know how to describe each of it. I really enjoy my three years being a student.

The Journey.....

July 2011,
I start my day at a crowded place called Universiti Kuala Lumpur. Many students, parents I see in my eyes. In front of my mother and my father, I gave them a sweet smile and pretending  that I'll be okay here. Cause they sacrify a lot. I've promises them that I'll be a good girl here, a good daughter that can make my family proud. Praised to Allah that I've a brother here that can take care of me, who can watch over me.

I stayed at Hostel Jalan tanduk and have a good room mate, Nur Syafiqah bt Abdul Malik, Siti Nuraisyah bt Zorudin and Marzatul Hazirah bt Hamzah. At first, I hope we can be a good members forever until we finish our Diploma. However, the things was worst. We are not in the same course. Even though we're not in the same course, sometimes we sharing so much sweet precious time together. Then, we're separated after Semester 2.

For a good start of my life being a student of engineering here. I've endowed a course mate, class mate as a best buddy in a three years. She is Asilah Binti Alias. I'm always with her in a class, lunch, project, group, same opinion, same attitudes. I do love programming. Then, I score well in programming subject. As I said before, Semester 1 was a good starter cause I'm one of the Dean List awarded. I don't believe in myself actually. With pointer 3.52. Alhamdulillah. I've joined the ceremony and that was the first and last ceremony that I've joined. I'm not being a ripple people cause I know all this things up with my own effort with du'a, reading Quran, Solat and a du'a from my parents. I believed that du'a from parents are the most granted.

January 2012,
When I'm on Semester 2, that was the best semester. Since my loan with Mara was approved and launched. All mates was enjoyed their money and some of us was like a "lupa diri". On Semester 2, I've tried to independent by stayeing outside. Not at hostel anymore. Some of us was stranded, some of us got a probation on their result. But I know that Allah was determine the ways of my life. For the second time and the highest achievement that I got, I'm one of the Dean List awarded again. 3.63. Alhamdulillah. I've been jumping all over my house that I'm one of the Dean List awarded. HAHA

I don't really know that my course are quite hard for a girl. But with the strength, support, counselor, from all peoples around me. I've proves myself that I am a girl that can be a good computer networking engineer one day. For me, Semester 2 was a worst semester ever cause actually I don't have a shelter at the moment. But luckily i have other friends, I'm staying at Plaza Rah a same condominium with my elder brother who can watch over me when I'm here. 

In this Semester also, I had one that I love. A man. A classmate. A friend. 18 March 2012, I made a decision. Allah is prepare something best for me. Its enough to have a fake love, a cry, a tears, a sickness. I'm overwhelmed myself with a lot of pressure.

If the 'Love' makes you become worse. Let it go. it's hard. Allah knows and He will replace someone better for you. If the Love makes your relationship with family or beloved people worse, turn to Allah for decision, Allah knows the best. If you're in dilemma what you want and what make things better. Have faith in Allah, He knows what you've done.He knows what you've sacrificed. Dan, cinta itu memang perlukan pengorbanan.

July 2012,

Semester 3 is the most happiness semester for me. I started a new life. A new friends, new house, new semester, new gadget, everything is new. I've sacrifice my life for the person that I care too much. I end up my love story with him by sacrifice my soul my heart my body. 

I tried to forget all the problems. Praised to Allah that I could manage myself. I start study on a core subject. I still maintain the course work half and above. And for the first time in my life, my coursework on Technical Mathematics 3 was full mark. 60/60. It was a big good achievements in my life. I'm not going to tell people that I was a good enough to compare with other students. Since this matter already passes, then I just share here. hehe. 

As a reward for myself that always patient in everything that I had been through, a reward for myself that always thinking of you Allah, a reward for myself that always pray for my parents, a reward for myself that always gritty with all the presumption. I made myself high educated high professional to face all this shit before. I'm thirdly one of the Dean List awarded. I proud of myself. GPA 3.59. I got many experience. I can proceed myself to the next level. 
“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” 
January 2013,
I always hide my tears behind my face. I don't know what is my future. I don't know what happen next. I go through my life with my own style. I keep smile although I'm not tough enough to face all peoples. I keep continue my life. I act like nothing happen. I continue my study with other friends. Thank God that you gave me a friends who can cheer up my life, and a heart (Syahurin). A heart that can make myself stronger. A heart that really really have a full protections.

Semester 4 is quite tough semester. I start doing my preparation on Final Year Project from a Project management subject. Start finding a partner to do task together that can give a full commitment. I found one. My only one friends that can get along with me from start semester on July 2011 until now. Asilah Alias.

I believe in karma, the person that hate me before, come back to me. And love me with full of his heart (Firdaus). I do accept him for a second third forth times. I'm happy with my life on semester 4. He came with unexpected thought. The person that I leave before. I sacrifice my love (Syahurin) and hoping that there will be a perfect match for me in the future. Allah is the best planner. Allah plan to give me back what I've owned before without my knowing. Thank you Allah.

But, Allah are the Most Fair. When I get back the one that I love, I'm sorry mom, dad, I'm very happy with my love now and my grade was decrease. I can't prove you that love can give me a success for my life. I'm sorry mom. I know. It's a big bad wolf mistake that I've done. 3.41 on GPA and still maintain my CGPA 3.53. I'm not very shy to tell people what is my result. But I think, it is a good motivation for ourselves and a good motivation for myself too when I know the higher result than mine. It is good to overwhelmed myself with all the results from my friend either it is good grade or not. If it is good, I can increase my effort to get better than them and if it worst, I can motivate myself by not being like them. InsyaAllah.

July 2013
I learn on what I've been through. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift. What happen on last semester is a moral that can motivate myself. I want to be a I'm one of the Dean List awarded for the forth time. Oh please. I struggling myself for achieving my aim. I target that I don't want to pay any cent for my loan.

My mum is correct, but my teacher was wrong. I surely remember my teacher said when I'm on Form5 at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Seri Manjung the school that make me a successful student till now. What did she said is :-

"stop loving someone accept your parents.  Stop in love. *yeah, she really meant to me. HAHA* Du'a for your parents and you will save forever after. Focus on your study for SPM examination. This is you for your future. Once you get into University, you will find many guys/girls that very handsome/beautiful and you can choose anyone.The university period is time for you get in love. Cause University is the best time in our life. You can start looking for your soul mate there. :) "
So I turn back and think, looking forward and focusing on the Final Year Project with my partner. Study, enjoy, sad, love, happy, sick is my routine in the last semester of study cause the next semester I will start my internship. Semester 5 is the most stress semester. I have to find my internship placement. Which my CGPA 3.53 is not the best maybe. I must gain more than that. That is my promise and I already target A on my FYP. 

The things become worst. I enjoy too much with my friends, my soul mate, class mate, buddy.  I forget my promise, my aim, my objective. Yeah, that is what people always do. This semester is the most bad ever semester in my life. I only gain 1A and my GPA is only 3.28 and CGPA 3.47. Yeah. My bad. My bad. My bad. Forgive me my mum, dad. ;'(

For the internship, for the time being, I didn't get any feedback from any company that I have applied. But for the sake of the one that I love, for the sake of me, I don't want to repeat my semester just because I don't have any placement for it. I try my best to bring out my resume and apply at any company. Menara Safwan, Sime Darby and Menara Sunway. It's really near from Unikl. Best of luck for me. And I'm the lucky one. I got two feedbacks and it is from Menara Safwan and Sime Darby. For Menara Safwan, I go for the interview and I think I should reject the deals cause I already get the better place which it Sime Darby. 

After thinking about a week for the Sime Darby application, I still try to apply at other place which I can practical together with him. So, I try at Raffcomm. It was good try for me, cause just a few days, I already got a feedback and I've accepted at their company, same goes to him. I fixed my mind and I rejected Sime Darby application although the company was very good. 

January 2014,

I start my internship on 3 February and finish on 23 May. and I extend my practical until 30 May. I've done so many job. Many sweet memories, bad memories, grab new knowledge, went to data center, and I enjoy my work even though some of them are not really good at me. I just want to finish my practical here. Then, I will go. Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

As an appreciation for my self that finish my study, I bought me a new gadget and this is from my own work hard. I bought this with my own money. This is a big present for me. I am proud of myself.


A treat to appreciated myself who struggling hard through this long extreme journey for three years. A treat from my own work hard all this while. A treat to myself that being a good student with a great grade enough. Mom, Dad, thanks for all the bless, prays, moneys, happiness, and here I am Afifah Dana bringing you a certificate of Diploma Engineering Technology in Computer and Networking.

love, dana